The 2-Minute Rule for Cryptocurrency blockchain exchange finance lxdx

LXDX announces backing by Dymon Asia Venture Capital Fund LP to create LXDX's cryptocurrency trading platform much more widely accessible. LXDX offers full-spectrum technology solutions for cryptocurrency exchanges, including applications that powers both public retail trades and private trades for institutional block trading. Dymon Asia Ventures is the venture capital arm of Dymon Asia Capital, an alternative investment manager headquartered in Singapore with roughly US$4.9 billion (including notional assets and dedicated capital) under control as of June 29, 2018. LXDX, in conjunction with Dymon Asia Ventures, is able to expand its reach and strengthen its technology offerings.

With the help of Dymon Asia Ventures, LXDX is creating the cryptocurrency space more accessible to investment banks, hedge funds and other people accustomed to the reliability and efficacy of conventional markets. The high-performance operation, unified security operations, and information infrastructure built into the LXDX market platform enables trading places to provide a superior trading environment for their own investors.

CEO Joshua Greenwald, formerly of SpaceX and cryptocurrency blockchain exchange finance lxdx creator of Greenlight Trading, a high-frequency trading ensemble located in Chicago, describes the company's roots:"We built LXDX in reaction to the aversion conventional finance associations have had to the cryptocurrency space. Joining forces with Dymon allows our staff, with decades of trading experience, to deliver the qualities of traditional dark and lit exchanges to those new markets."

A group of experienced financial executives and blockchain specialists guide LXDX's operations. Legal representation comprises DLA Piper, Masur Griffitts +, and DF Advocates.

LXDX gives individual and institutional cryptocurrency traders a platform together with the efficiency and reliability of traditional financial markets. The company launched in early 2018 to fulfill the demand for institutional-grade cryptocurrency exchange and trading technology services. The founding team is composed of accomplished infosec engineers, algo traders, and technology specialists. LXDX is venture backed, represented by global law firms, and encouraged by world-class business advisers.

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